How to Treat Tight Hips with Muscular Massage

Treating Tight Hips with Muscular Fort Collins MassageTight Hips? It’s Likely Your Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL)

What muscle bothers you the most? In our first installment we talked about the “pain in the neck” or Levator Scapulae muscle. The second muscle is the Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL) located in the side of the hip, just above the Trocanter (hip joint).

Although not located in the back, it is a surprise to most clients that this muscle can generate lower back tension and discomfort. To effectively work this muscle the client will be on their side. The top leg (the one with the hip discomfort) will be supported by a pillow or bolster under the lower leg. The client will make slight movements of the knee and foot in order to effectively engage the muscle while the therapist applies pressure to the tight areas of the muscle on the hip. There is mild to aggravating discomfort with this one.

Treating Tight Hips Takes Time

As with many postural and repetitive motion deviations, this can take more that one visit to resolve as “muscle memory” and old posture habits allow the tightness to revisit. The good news is that each time it is worked it should become less uncomfortable and be longer lasting. But wait there is more! The IT Tract or Band (ITT) is just below the hip joint along the side of the leg. There is always more for another day.

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